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About me


RTT practitioner, Couch, Manager and also mum, ordinary woman with everyday worries.


Now I feel much better, and relaxed…

Dear Barbora, I want to thank you so much. You have helped me with money blocks in just one session.

With your  guidance and support I find the root cause of financial obstacles that I had and we change it. Now I feel much better, and relaxed regarding to money,spending and savings.

I felt very relaxed in our session and would recommend working with you to anyone.

Jelena Vukcevic, Belgrade, Serbia


I have more energy to pursue my goals…

Before my RTT session with Barbora I was wondering, how to quiet down some negative feelings and thoughts that would come up automatically in specific situations without doing me any good.

After the session I feel this was the right thing to do, because I have experienced a shift. The noise and chatter quieted down significantly and this affects all areas of my life. I feel relaxed and have more energy and determination to pursue my goals.


few things

About me



RTT Practitioner, Couch, Manager, mum.

I like to help people  to find they own way, get rid of trouble, free themselve of pain, find themselves, gain lost confidence.

The turning points in life will force us to take steps that we were afraid to take or did not have the courage to take. From the bottom, the path leads only upwards. My journey to therapy began with Emotional Leadership and Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief, which made me realize that there are no boundaries. We can have everything we want if we do something about it. In the coaching course, I learned techniques that helped my clients look at their problem from different angle.



And during the coaching course, I came across Marisa Peer and she enchanted me. I simply tried her advice in practice. “All you have to do is say that you can do it, that you have it, that you’re good enough just the way you are.” I decided that I would definitely take an RTT course. And I kept it. I learned amazing techniques and completed training that allows me to help other people in a short time. Years of sessions are not necessary. At the same time, I found lost self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love in me, anxiety disappeared.
And I keep learning and learning because it’s a process that never ends.
The reward is not only money, but also references and the regained freedom and freedom of my clients, their problems are gone, gone forever.