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About me


Certified RTT, coach, manager, Ing., PhD. 


It was worth it, I have a beautiful daughter…

After repeated spontaneous miscarriages, I lost hope of giving birth to a live and healthy baby. Bara’s recording pulled me into my subconscious and step by step helped me to start trusting my body and myself. For me personally, it has been a challenging journey with many tears flowing. However, thanks to her precise words and the intonation of her voice, I was able to become aware of myself and begin to perceive my body in its perfection. It was all worth it and today I am holding my almost 3 months old daughter in my arms.


I present myself without fear on the networks!

When Barbora offered to help me with my self-presentation problem on the net, I didn’t want to do it. How could hypnosis help me write FB posts? In fact, I couldn’t think of anything and everything seemed totally out of place and embarrassing or too controversial… We finally had a session and I figured out what was actually stopping me from posting on FB! It was the feeling that no one approved, that I didn’t have any supervision to nod yes, that’s good, put it up! I don’t have a problem now because I don’t need any supervision. I know my posts are good, funny and controversy I want to stir up discussion. But without being aware of the cause, I wouldn’t be able to identify the cause and simply undo it. So go ahead and give Bara and I as many sessions as you need. It’s worth it! M.

few things

About me



Certified RTT, coach, manager, PhD. Ing., blond

My vision is for “adults to be adults”. That is, people you want to work with – calm, considerate, helpful, strong, decisive, but also kind and showing emotion. The kind of people you definitely want on your team, the kind of people you enjoy meeting and working with.

And that’s why I work with them. Women or men come in who are troubled, anxious, fearful, feelings of inferiority, insomnia or poor sleep, gnashing of teeth in their sleep, lack of focus, etc. Together we unblock, transform and repair.

I also enjoy working with children. Not only because our traumas are often rooted in childhood or even earlier. But mostly because it makes so much sense to me. Happy kids grow up to be happy adults.



How did I get to RTT – Rapid Transformation Therapy? It started with Emotional Leadership, coaching training and a major personal and partner crisis. Yes, I needed help to see the joy and love in my wife’s eyes in the mirror again and to turn a grey saddened face into a face full of life. Coaching was fine, but I wanted something that went deeper and faster. I found out how effective RTT is and what a great tool it is. Thanks to RTT, I can help other people and in a short amount of time. Years of sessions are not necessary. 

I believe that there is potential for growth in all of us and that we can be what and how we want to be.

Simply and in the words of Tim Grover:” I help people to level up.”