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I’m currently finishing Mindf*ck by Wylie, who worked at Cambridge Analytica for a while. And this story makes me look at campaigns and information from a distance and perceive “side” news that I wouldn’t pay #attention to and completely associate with elections, perceive which information will cause me anger, disgust or indignation.


Simply put, a normal mortal, unloved by marketing and data analytics, will be amazed to discover, “They actually make me choose what I previously rejected by not being able to choose what I originally wanted for some reason.”


Improving the quality of decision-making can be achieved using #rtt #therapy. Choice is always influenced by emotions. It’s about which ones and how much.


In order for my choice to be most in line with me, I need to be not only calm, but also in a great mood. Then my brain will use its full capacity and I will really make a decision according to my best knowledge and conscience.


In anger, anger, anxiety, stress, I make limited decisions – I don’t use the full capacity of my brain, I don’t connect different types of information. In anger, anger, anxiety, stress, I am in “survival” or “coping” mode, if you will. And then I join opinion groups with which I would easily disagree.

So how to do it? How to choose correctly?

It is necessary to realize what news made me and you angry, indignant, angry, raised from the chair, surprised, humiliated, caused resentment and fear. Then I look at them again and realize that the messaging by both candidates and their opponents is targeted. So they have an idea of what it will do to us. And not only that, even “impartial” organizations, foreign companies, foreign statesmen, interesting persons promote something or accidentally mention something, and I subliminally perceive it all and it affects me.


So, let’s put this information stew aside, in peace with a tea or a warm drink, I will think again about what I expect from the president, what powers and duties he has, what abilities and qualities are important to me. And then I go through the candidates and make a choice based on how well they meet each point. 🙂


Good luck to all of us!