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Anchor your sense of uniqueness

Tailored-made Dresses 

Because you’re important. Because you’re special.

Dress for You!

YDo You want to feel nice, beautiful and comfortable?
Do You want a dress that fits you like a glove?
Let’s get together, discuss the idea of a dress. Then we’ll choose the material and cut according to the design.
You may want a wedding dress, a formal dress or even a chic office dress.
Dresses for small or large figure, short or long, slim or full shapes.
In a cut that suits You and a cut that makes You look beautiful.

Dress, trouser, shirt alterations

Is the dress you bought too long?
Do the pants fit your waist and the length is long?
Does the shirt need work around the waist?
Clothing alterations are available in Ostrava and Opava.
Shortening the length of a skirt or dress
Adjusting the length of trousers.
Narrowing of shirts
We can arrange an express appointment.

Finished Projects

Dresses for the office and leisure.

Clothing alterations In Opava and Ostrava

especially shortening the length of dresses
shortening the length of trousers
narrowing of shirts

Dresses made to measure

Bespoke wedding or formal dresses.

“A woman is decorated with her smile.”

“A confident woman is attractive.”

“A dress that doesn’t overshadow beauty, but lets the wearer’s personality shine through.”

“A dress is to a woman what a suit is to a man. It enhances and completes her beauty.”