Personal developemnt coaching


What is it and how can it help you


When to go to see the coach?

Do you know the feeling that you want to plan a project and in the absence of time and all the demands of the environment, it is not possible? Do you want to perform better, focus more or get rid of bad habits?

Yes, a coach can help you with all this. By asking questions, in a time that is reserved only for you, you will come up with needs, changes, ideas and thoughts that will help you start the process in the right direction and then not lose that direction.



Time planning and breakdown into individual steps.

personal development

You feel in your bones that change is necessary, needed. It looks simple, but where to start? How to conceive it?

more influences

Sometimes there is more that bothers us or needs change (at work or at home), and somehow it is interconnected. And what if you make a small change here and it causes and affects other areas?


This is your dream. You really want it. But how to get to it? And what will be different when you fulfill it?

And this - no more!

You really don’t want it anymore, you don’t want to deal with it, you don’t want to do it. It bothers you, it annoys you. Away with it!


How it goes?


During our call we will discuss your topic you are joining caoching for.


Through 5 coaching sessions you will work on your job and I will help you to solve your issue with suitable techniques and questions. I don’t advise, I’m just asking.

check up call

After the serie of sessions, we will talk together about your results, changes and shifts that you have made thanks to coaching, and what it has brought you.

Personal experience

How I got into coaching

I tried it out of curiosity. And right after the first session, I realized the direction. I just wanted to improve my position, be able to express myself correctly, get along with people and so on. My personal growth was my topic. And then I gradually discovered how I wanted to have it set up, what I wanted to achieve, what it would look like when I fulfilled what I wanted… And then I decided to coach myself and my steps led to the course and collecting practice. I coach in my work and beyond. And I will be happy to help you discover the undiscovered and the wanted.



5 sessions for you

During 5 sessions we will work together on the topics you bring. Do you have any questions? Feel free to write me.