i will peel you off from your worries and anxiety and you will be again that beautiful fairy, woman, queen, you always wanted to be

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She is beautiful, she is great, she is herself!

…said a woman, which recently used to avoid looking into mirror. She was tired, overworked. She stopped to be important for herself.

But now she is smiling. She likes herself, her own smile, her own gaze full of love, her strict “No!”. She likes herself fully and exactly how she is. 

Fairy, queen, woman … who she wanted to be when she was small? Herself. She wanted to be herself. And now she is.


She met the plan!

She didn’t believe it at all. Few weeks ago it looked unreal. She didn’t know at all where to start. What to do first. It was like a heavy stone which is impossible to move. And now she is in finish. And yes, new opportunities showed up. It shifted her completely. Now when she looks back, she sees all the steps she did clearly.

She is happy, she fulfilled her plan. And she is again closer to her dream.



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How I can help you


Coaching and therapy are two ways we can work together on a topic or problem you want to solve.

By listening and asking appropriate questions during coaching, I will take you to a different perspective and help you see the possibilities and ways that have been hidden to you.

Therapy works with your consciousness and subconscious and reveals the cause of the problem.

It helps to get rid of the problem. Your subconscious mind knows the way out and therapy will help make it visible.


Serie of sessions which will bring you  to your target.


Rapid Transformational Therapy finds the rootcause of the issue. 


I took the decision…

Barbora is a person full of positive energy and determination. She approached me completely professionally, without prejudices and unencumbered by stereotypes, although we also know each other from a personal level of life. We only had two sessions together, but by asking the right questions, it greatly changed my view of how I lived so far, and thus helped me a lot to change – I found the strength not to be stubborn and I just let things run out of control (for a person obsessed with control it’s a really big change). I decided to start school, where I am very good, I got the job I really wanted, I left a partner where the relationship has not worked for some time… Through a newly acquired approach and a rediscovered inner strength, I feel much freer and more creative. Thank you, B.


I feel relaxed and have more energy…

I made an appointment with Bára because her offer resonated with me. I have been dealing with physical pain for many years and I have been trying to do without health care, but help is welcome.
Even at the agreement, Bara was helpful and I felt strength and determination from her. There was an hour-long consultation where we discussed what I had experienced in my life and what steps I had taken to make me feel better. I considered it important for Barbora to know where I was, what was the starting point from we go. Then we had a two-hour therapy ending with about a fifteen-minute meditation, which I run daily.
And miracles happen.
I got rid (almost) of one of my bad habits, about fifty years old, which was already really bothering my life.
I feel better.
And when I hear in meditation “you are a chick, Helča”, I always smile.
I was honored, Baru ❤