how i helped my clients



Now I feel much better, and relaxed…

Dear Barbora, I want to thank you so much. You have helped me with money blocks in just one session.

With your  guidance and support I find the root cause of financial obstacles that I had and we change it. Now I feel much better, and relaxed regarding to money,spending and savings.

I felt very relaxed in our session and would recommend working with you to anyone.



I have more energy to pursue my goals…

Before my RTT session with Barbora I was wondering, how to quiet down some negative feelings and thoughts that would come up automatically in specific situations without doing me any good.

After the session I feel this was the right thing to do, because I have experienced a shift. The noise and chatter quieted down significantly and this affects all areas of my life. I feel relaxed and have more energy and determination to pursue my goals.



Free from negative beliefs…

Thank you so much,Barborah! I had real bad issues. You made me realise I was carrying along negative believes, while I should have been proud of myself, becauseas a child, I was brave enough to take the right decisions.  I didn’t even remember. In one session you unblocked all those problems. I feel so free and confident! I am working twice as fast now and I sleep so much better! I just can’t thank you enough. You’re an amazing therapist!



Was there a reason for being diagnosed with brest cancer

The session with Barbora was transformational.
I had wondered about the question if there was a reason behind me being diagnosed with breast cancer for a while. I wanted to get clarity on it, but was rather hesitant about really approaching it.
When I told Barbora about it, she exuded openness, confidence and calmness and she encouraged me to face the question. Throughout the whole process Barbora guided me safely and flexibly and even though it was quite an emotional ride, I felt completely supported by Barbora. She dealt with all that came up, even with the most unexpected aspects, and her emphatic questions and directions were spot on every time. Barbora helped me to gain freedom and clarity to close a painful chapter in my life for good. I feel free and in control and I learned so much about myself – I can’t thank you enough! Natalie


Free from money and success blocks.

I had asked Barbora to treat me for money and success blocks and for the uncomfortable feeling I have when I receive. I have always kind of felt that I had to give and should not be so bold as to ask for something and thus receive. During the session, Barbora helped me unravel the reasons why and they had mainly to do with the fact that I come from a family background in which men had the saying and the money. Women were without success, without money. without voices. This is what had kept me from becoming what I could have been. Now, after the session I feel so much better about achieving my goals. The scenes I saw during regression where scences that I had always remembered but the connection had never been there and it surfaced during the session with Barbora. B.


He is enough.

We do appreciate your work very much. You have helped us to think about the way we communicate to each other without hurting each other. You very supportive in finding the right words, not to blame the human beings, but only the wrong things, that were done. The feeling that we are good enough, that we did the best we could every moment, every day is encouraging, relaxing and liberating. You were always a great support, we do feel better after RTT lessons with You, Barbora. In this way, you have changed our lives significantly. We do recommend everybody to work with you. Thank You very much for your time and determination, RTT and You are an acquisition for psychology! Young client´s parents.


It really helped me.

Barbora, I love the way you understood what I wanted to work on during the session and how you helped me. The transformation recording is fantastic and I love listening to it. 
I am very grateful for your help. A.


I have me on first place.

Dear Barbora, Thank you for doing such a phenomenal RTT session yesterday, concerning my issue of often putting the needs of others first. I now feel free to move forward and to pursue my own personal goals, aspirations and commitments. I am extremely grateful.


I got pregnant and delivered healthy baby.

After repeated miscarriages, I lost hope of giving birth to a living and healthy baby. Barbora’s recording drew me into my subconscious and helped me to trust step by step my body and myself. It was a difficult journey for me personally, with many tears. However, thanks to her precisely aimed words and intonation of the voice, I was able to realize myself and begin to perceive my body in its perfection. It was all worth it, and today I hold in my arms a daughter who is almost 3 months old. 


Free from financial blocks.

I had a RTT session with Barbora on money blocks.
I felt that in my mindset there is an important obstacle, which is stopping me. During the session forgotten blocks and memories showed up, which I wouldn’t think they still exist. We removed them together. Therapy was completed with recording which I listen till now. After a month I feel calm, I have trust in myself, I know I am on the right way and I feel abundance circulates and flows, (my eshop is breaking the targets and revenue is growing rapidly). Thank you Barbora for interesting experience, freeing from unreasonable beliefs and sensitive approach.
 🌹 T.